these are the words and photos that depict the world in which we live.

6 words


too scared to answer me honestly

beg and ye shall not receive

hungry for more than she is

can’t seem to tell her why


climbing. falling. sides of same coin.

foot in door is not painful

core strength trumps unguided brute force

back tired. elbow sore. mind strong.


untrodden path. interest peaked. where to?

something wicked this way comes. ciao

might we go find some danger?


swollen hands are the sign of fun

be fair. let the tide change first.

stella was born on this day


beginning. change. hope. tomorrow. life. yes.

Obama nation takes root for change

Feels like I stand taller now

Barack has finally taken the oath


so where exactly am I now?

always looking for next best thing

definitely know where you come from

character runs deep in shared genetics


sonotino just means I am Tino

One thought on “6 words

  1. Bon Giorno
    I agree with your theory on protein in the a.m.
    my personal favorite is baloney and cole slaw. Not to be so easily dismissed.
    luv, M

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