these are the words and photos that depict the world in which we live.

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The dirt falls from my fingers,

Because I spend my days toiling in the fields. It’s back breaking, thankless, and the least likely thing to deliver happiness in this curt life we lead. My muck boots may have fine laces, but they are still made from heifer leather. My sleeves still roll when the going gets tough, though the cuff may be French and initialed. Our backs pain together, arched over our handheld technologies. The steel is either hand-ground for an edge or polished to a shine. The tool is our cross roads between working harder or smarter, where grunt meets hmmm. This has become the most opportune moment to sit back and strategize. A bonobian brow is raised and a chimp’s fist comes down with a thud. This is a moment of evolution, something that uniquely sets us apart from those who came before. Though the action may be small for one human, it is but a leap for humankind. This is why those with the weight of the world on their shoulders seem to have the strength of an army and the vision of an oracle. Divinely inspired by something that is anything but…the inching forward of ACTG into another helical duet that leads to another and so on, until something is from what was not. Great contemplation has no relation to contempt, because creativity is the photon packet of man that no shallow dish of human emotion can refract or distort. When the flash of brilliance passes like a solar flare, our noses return to the laws of gravity and we return to what we were doing before the nano-stretching of the fabric of life made us step outside of ourselves. Then we take comfort in the dirt again, so familiar, so grounding, so now.

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We All Believe In Something,

I just tend to believe in it more than the next guy. When you find something to believe in, you stick with it. When you find something you are good at, you stick with it. I’m a protestor for hire and I support causes. Gender causes, racial causes, environmental causes, political causes, class-warfare causes and any other cause that causes you to have a cause. You can say that I quite literally live a cause and affect relationship. A cause is bigger than us. It has life, yet is lifeless. There is energy akin to cold fusion in causes, and when I tap into it I can protest forever. On my feet picketing, on my ass starving or on my stomach in handcuffs – I support the cause. I would take nails through my hands for the cause. I am the master of props in supporting the cause. I once wheeled an old woman out of a convalescence home for a cause. She had no idea who she was or where she was. It’s not like I mistreated her, as a matter of fact she was doing more than she had done in years. We stood outside of that pharmaceutical laboratory and we let them have it. Science for better living, they say; my ass, I say. You produce the most lethal type of warfare imaginable, the kind that people truly believe they can’t live without. I understand the marvels of modern medicine as well as the next recipient of a few more years of quality living; more than I would have had on my own, but they play a different game. Get them early with ritalin, adderal and welbutrin. Keep them forever with vasodilators, ACE inhibitors and pain relievers. We all know people who dodged the addiction bullet, and we all know some who took it between the eyes. We can’t allow anyone else to get hurt. Like poor Materna here in the chair, she will never know her grandkids because your Allegra failed to make her happy…and we all view happy in a different way. For some it means no more restricted air passages, for others it literally means being happy. Don’t judge them, because we aren’t them. Support them, as you would want them to support you in a time of need. See how this auto-support can be addictive. Doing good is truly addictive. The only way to break an addiction is cold-turkey, but even I could protest against that. Stop devaluing the social benefits incurred by our national holiday of Thanksgiving. Take the opportunity to see how it brings families together and spurs individuals to give selflessly to others in much greater need. Warm turkey is a foundation of humanity and inextricably linked to our cultural underpinnings. And our culture is about making ourselves happy…now. Actually yesterday, if it were at all humanly possible. I support the organic production and distribution of happiness. As long as it is sustainably grown and harvested, it seems like there should be enough happiness to go around. This is why I support sharing, like the WiFi that I am borrowing from my neighbor to post this supportive cause of the representation of self-fulfilling causal support.

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the origin of manufacturing


a quick mental journey
about  the etymological origins of manufacturing
manufacturing is the use of machines, tools and labor
to make things for use or sale

manufacturing takes place in a factory
a factory is a place where a group of people assemble things
put things together
unite individual pieces
so the ultimate product
can be greater than the sum of its parts
but i’m tangenting

factory in italian is fattoria
italian is close enough to latin
the root of fattoria is fatto
fatto is the past participle of the verb to make in italian
thus made
or, in italian-american, vafangul
literally means go do it in your ass
aka go f*@! yourself
do (fa) is the operative word
argh, tangenting again

the -ria suffix denotes the place where said action is done
in english we add an -ry to actions to name where things are done
creamery, bakery, or forgery (dbl ent)
i’m sure pharmacy has to be a cousin
cafeteria seems like the missing link
where does the -te fit in
i guess that’s why the link is the disfigured relative
damn, tangenting again

manu- is based off of the word hand
mano in italian
you know
let’s take care of this mano a mano
so it is a combination of words
means making things with your hands
that radiates craft and artisanship
we still use our hands
but now we guide the technologies that allow us to do
the things that we cannot do efficiently with our hands
an evolution in production
so we can make less money
to produce more quota’d and tariffed consumable goods
while feeling more and more detached
from that which we are creating
so it appears the word manufacturing
has even carried the original
or artigianal, if you may
for its entire journey
a vestigial cloak of pride
doesn’t that just make you feel cozy
i know i’m tangenting yet again
but it’s okay this time
because it’s the end

what common trait links all of the bold-faced words?
the correct responses will win
a custom photo print of the model
holding any short pasta of your choice
i like farfalle

farfalle farfalle-2 farfalle-3

farfalle-4 farfalle-5 farfalle-6