these are the words and photos that depict the world in which we live.


welcome to sono.tino

sono: I am (italian)

Tino: My name


From the outskirts of Philadelphia.  Now living on a little island off the coast of central Maine (no ferries, just bridges).  Could swim before I could walk.  Would rather be on a rock than anywhere else in the entire world.  Thirty is the new twenty.  Riding the fence whether words trump pictures; somehow I believe they are inextricably linked and the best, ultimately, combines both.  Would love to have a dog, though it would make the rest of my other canine loves put paws over their eyes.  I am just not ready for that type of settling down.  To take off at a moment’s notice for something big is my idea of  good time.  Still looking for many important things in life.  The last thing that my momma taught me was think big.

please look through my posts as they cover all forms of content.

pictures, words and ,coming soon, audio clips that offer diverging perspectives on the world.

if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to speak up.

One thought on “data

  1. Boun giorno mi amico. Sono Sean. Quando hai tempo, scriva mi. Spero tutto a posto con te.

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