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The Cuba Video

One year ago today I was in Cuba on one of the best climbing trips of my life.  Different from other international trips because of the level of political tension involved.  It is strange being an third party affiliate to a humanitarian standstill that is so old that people really don’t even know why it still exists.  Paying it constant attention yet almost expecting that some of the veneers of the two entities would rust off and return to some strata of greater integrity and cooperation.  90 miles off of Key West is a sister nation that will one day be family again. The global flow of politics is towards blocs; cultural and political units of understanding that you are safer when in group.  The currently unrealizable toss-up is the when.  However, in the meantime, feel free to explore its sandy shores, crumbling facade and heart of gold…you absolutely cannot go wrong.

This is a little vid that I processed from the footage on the trip.  Mountain Hardware, Julbo, La Sportiva, Sterling Ropes, Misty Mountain Hardware, and Mad Rock were exceptional representations of the community of the climbing world in having donated gear to fuel the Cuban climbing scene.  This sphere of bullet hard limestone needs the inflow of climber traffic, donations and support.  There is a lifetime of climbing right off of our southern shore and a thread of a lifeline to a renaissance culture.

Today I leave with a good friend, Tom, to take a non-stop flight to Vegas for some sandstone.  The last three weeks in the gym have been for building power, endurance and stamina.  That may seem like conflictual training phases to intermix and still feel efficient and productive, but it worked.  I’m not a savage beast yet, but I can feel it stirring again, somewhere down inside of me.  Hopefully a few 1000′ plus routes will help unleash it, so a great howl can be unleashed in the lone canyons of red rocks; igniting surprise and awareness to the animals that burrow in the desert crevices doing what it takes to survive.   I look forward to sharing some media from that excursion and bring you up into the belay to share some fun…