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An Alphabetical Look at Today

Sometimes you just feel like you have so much to say and you do not know where to start. With continual waves of events happening in our nation and abroad one is perplexed on a perfect jumping off point. So why just not start in midair as it seems I am already there.
Alphabetically, Afghanistan comes first. Shady election practices, miscounts not all-to-unfamiliar to the Pakistani, Iranian and Floridian elections float to mind through the political mire that modern media constantly throw at us. Do we start with the fact that no matter what we throw at Afghanistan in a military sense, we will never, ever win there? What is so hard to understand about a completely migrant fighting force that operates in individual cells and small battalions, hiding out in a mountainous terrain that would make Lewis and Clark think twice about crossing? It is a barren wasteland of rock, high desert and hidden resources. We can aim to auto-supply our forces through refuelings and by way of hopefully peaceful villages, but that is just band-aiding the obvious. If Russia, a neighbor, and at the time of conflict a supreme fighting force, could not win there in ten years then what have we learned; obviously nothing. How did the US win the so-called Cold War? Because the USSR overextended itself militarily, ran out of funds which resulted in major unrest at home and left them unable to fulfill the primary role of government. Prudence is a value of wisdom that can only come with a knowledge of basic truths. We have limited resources and a lot of issues on our national plate. To forsake the national dilemmas that affect our sovereignty for a cavalier expedition is short-sighted and unfair to everyone who supports this great nation financially and emotionally.
To go down the list we could then talk about…. Bank reform; Chinese ownership of American dollars; Devaluation of our currency; Excessive political demagoguery; Failing to meet the needs of the majority of Americans for the sake of an influential few; Global Climate Change; Healthcare reform; Institutions of higher learning and how they are failing to meet the needs of students as their costs rise; J might be a wash; Korea, the south and the north, as in wtf is going on with failed satellite launches and ICBMs; Language loss amongst our young people, not learning foreign languages and losing the ability to properly communicate with our own; Mass media scurrying to fill 24 hours of fury a day and resorting to low-quality, de-meaning partisan antics while they sell out to the highest bidder; National energy efforts stalling in their attempts to create a more efficient system by not imposing energy conservation standards that will make a difference in a decade, be it with the cars we drive or the efficacy of our power grids; Oil dependency, it speaks for itself; Power brokering between political interest groups as they throw money at politicians so the most import issues never make it to the vote; Quality of the food we eat, as the nutritional dilemma in the US entraps more in obesity and diabetes; Roth IRAs next year are now open to any income bracket because Congress took their eye off the ball in the last few years, is this what Senator Roth wanted passed so the lower income brackets could start saving; Stimulus packages and who is keeping a good track on what’s been paid back and by who, let alone at what interest rate; T-bills, notes and bonds: they are a great investment for the long-term payout, why haven’t more people started to buy them, thus helping fund our government and stabilizing the long term economy via a practice that was common during WWI and WWII when the government needed money, why is it any different now; Unions and their ability to sway the government like the UAW, as they once served a greater purpose, but now aren’t they just part of a rising cost issue; Vick, I mean I do live in Philadelphia, what is going on with this dog killer; Water table issues in the western US and what is being done for desalinization efforts and recycling; XX or XY, where are we on genetic research and funding so we can invent methods to treat some of the afflictions that cause the most personal stress and financial strain on our healthcare system; Y am I still trying to come up with these frustrating points of contention that keep me from sleeping at night; Z is the problem itself, it just doesn’t get enough representation, you’ve got to be a badass if you’re always bringing up the rear of the pack, it’s like the border collie that keeps the rest of the herd in line.
I think I’m too tired to draw a line in the sand now, but as I now go back to work, hopefully we think about a little more than our woeful personal issues that we cloud up the spectrum with, when we should be looking at the bigger picture. It’s not that the devil is in the details, but that the bigger picture is weaved of the essence of enlightenment. Or so we can hope.