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90 miles south of the keys

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it´s beautiful down here. palms, piñas, and tobacco fields are the green that contrasts the red soils that nourish the worlds best cigars. campesinos work their oxen as people bustle around in the streets .

The limestone climbing has been as exceptional as the peple and the cuisine.  we are lucky to have such a gastronomical master preparnig our nightly feasts of basic staples like rice and beans, along with whole roasted red snapper, seasoned pork, jutia, lobster and massive chicken legs. 

Normally I would think the portions are large, but walking kilometers between the casa and the crags, let alone the wildly steep limstoen, takes a lot of calories.  Then the roosters that sing all night make me less pained about eating large portions of chicken. The sounds of the night are not limited to poultry, but include the howling dogs that roam around masterless, fighting cats and salsa and reggaetone tha bump until two in the morning.

Rum is cheaper than water and it is drank exactly as such.  A weak belly as my own is ok with drinking the stone filtered water, but it cannot hang with the straight from the bottle Habana Club.  Though the hand rolled tobacco is smoother than any other I have swirled around in my mouth.  Honestly, the hardest thing about this mystical place is the fact that internet is spotty and the keyboards symbols do not correspond to the images that appear on the screen. 

So far I have a project.  It´s called Urrican.  Yarobys bolted it in december of this past year and doesn´t think anyone has sent it yet.  I am so close and have fallen off of the last move three times.  Tomorrow I will send and celebrate the stellar line.  My hands are sweating jjust thinking about it. 


Anywho…time is off my card…ciao

Author: sonotino

From the outskirts of Philadelphia. Could swim before I could walk. Would rather be on a rock than anywhere else. Thirty is the new twenty. Still looking for many important things in life.

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